10 Easy Crafts For Easter

Cup and Ball Bunny Easter

Below is the list of Easter Crafts, that anyone can make easily at home with minimal cost, kids can inspire their Easter activities with these easy to make Easter crafts.

Easter Carrot Cascarones:

Carrot Cascarones

Easter Bunny Treat Cups:

Easter bunny treat cups

Easter Bunny Photo Craft:

Easter Bunny Photo Craft

Egg Carton Easter Bunny Container:

Egg Carton Easter Bunny Container

Easter Basket Craft:

Easter Basket Craft

Easter Basket Napkin Rings:

Easter Basket Napkin Rings

Easter Origami Box:

Easter Origami Box

Easter Bunny Mask:

Easter Bunny Mask

Easter Cup and Ball Bunny:

Cup and Ball Bunny Easter

Easy Easter Crafts at Home:

Easter Crafts

9 DIY Car And Truck Crafts

Lightning McQueen Car Air Freshener

Easy Riders Puppets:

Easy Riders Puppets
Easy Riders Puppets

Have fun with these envrionmentally-safe cars and planes that run completely on imagination.

Wheel Fun:

Wheel Fun

Race through your card making like Solomon Hauser, a 5-year-old automobile enthusiast from Perry, New York, who made these tracks with paint-dipped toy cars.

Speed Eraser:

Speed Eraser

Have your kids turn a handful of office supplies into a busy fleet of cars and trucks.

Lightning McQueen Car Air Freshener:

Lightning McQueen Car Air Freshener

Here’s a craft Cars fans will get plenty of mileage out of — a homemade air freshener that resembles the famous race car that put Radiator Springs back on the map. Younger kids may need a little help cutting out the smaller pieces, but they’ll have fun gluing the shapes together and drawing on the finishing details.

Car Nut Frame:

Car Nut Frame

Is your dad hooked on cars? Are you a mechanic in training? If you love cars, trucks, or anything with a motor, then this frame is a great gift for your father.

Get On The Bus:

Get On The Bus

My son is obviously too young to go to school but he was ecstatic that the school year started because that meant that he got to see the “cool bus” today! We have a stop right infront of our house so all day today his mind was on the “cool bus” !

Shape Garbage Truck:

Shape Garbage Truck

These simple shape activities have been a favorite of my son for a while now, so it was only fitting to match it up with his other favorite thing- a garbage truck. I don’t know about your child but my son is nuts about these wonders of public sanitation. Luckily if we sleep in on garbage day there are hundreds of garbage truck videos on youtube. Did you know that garbage trucks in Japan play music, I know because I have seen them on youtube, many many times!

Recycled Crayons with Vehicle Themed Candy Molds:

Recycled Crayons with Vehicle Themed Candy Molds

In preparation for my son’s 2nd birthday , I have been playing around with making fun loot bag gifts. Here is my favorite so far, candy mold recycled crayons. Super easy to make, kids love to use them to color and a huge bonus being that my son who eats every art supply under the sun seems to leave these alone!

Drinking Straw Truck:

Drinking Straw Truck

This was a collaborative effort, my son was watching a show about the Three Little Pigs and the one pig with a straw house sparked his interest in making something with drinking straws. So his first request was a train, but we didn’t have enough straws so we settled on a pick up truck. This does require some prep but I love how it turned out. The placing of the straws is tricky but it’s a great lesson in fine motor and patience!