DIY Pallet Scarecrow

If you grow fruits or vegetables, birds are probably your worst enemy. Believe it or not, scarecrows aren’t just in movies with Tin Men and Cowardly Lions – they actually work! If this sounds like your experience, you need to make a DIY pallet scarecrow.
Pallet boards/scrap wood to make a cross frame, nails, twine string, straw, old shirts and pants
  1. Cut one pallet boards in half to make arms. Nail them to full pallet board to make a cross frame
  2. Tie ends on pant legs with twine and stuff with straw
  3. Make twine belt for pants and slip onto pallet board
  4. Put shirt on cross and button up
  5. Place hat over the top
  6. Put scarecrow up to keep pesky Birds away from your produce
When you’re done with your diy scarecrow project, let us know how it went!
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