10 Easy To Make Duct Tape DIY Projects

Duct Tape can also be used for making nice and cute looking crafts, kids really love the fun with duct tape crafts, duct tape crafts can be make for your home decor, toys, for book and mobile phone covers and girls jewelry accessories, here we are going to mention some nice diy crafts to be made at home with duct tape.

DIY Duct Tape Hair Clips:

• Piece of cardstock paper
• Hot glue
• Small embellishments (I used faux pearl stickers)
• Scotch Duct Tape
Hair Clips

DIY Duct Tape Hair Clips
DIY Duct Tape Hammock:
DIY Duct Tape Hammock
DIY Duct Tape Wallet Tutorial:

Duct tape of Duck tape, any colors scissors
gift card or credit card to help measure
DIY Duct Tape Wallet Tutorial
How to Make Duct Tape Dog Leash:

We’re not entirely sure what we think of Duct Tape crafts, but we know they’ve been trending and there’s so many fun prints out there now.  We’ve been using our Duct Tape leash the past few weeks and it has held up really well so far.

How to Make Duct Tape Dog Leash
Duct Tape Canvas Art DIY:
Duct Tape Canvas Art DIY
DIY Duct Tape Spike Bracelet:
DIY Duct Tape Spike Bracelet
Colorful Geometric Duct Tape Art DIY:
Colorful Geometric Duct Tape Art DIY
DIY Duct Tape Wallets:
DIY Duct Tape Wallets
How to Make Duct Tape iPad Cover:

Make yourself a stylish geometric soft case for your iPad with your favorite colors! Lined with felt on the inside to protect your device and closes with a Velcro flap, this soft case is not only a snug fit for your iPad, but can also be easily adapted for other devices such as a Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer, etc.
How to Make Duct Tape iPad Cover
DIY Duct Tape American Girl Doll Shoes Tutorial:

The things that you will need for the shoes for your doll are scissors, cardboard, duct tape, you can try different colors of the duct tape also, and marker to mark the cardboard and at last you will need the doll shoes also.


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